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Here Comes The Bride...JWUK July 22

Photography at it's BEST

Vibrant photos tell stories, they help people remember you and what you do.

Although you might not need the best camera available to take good photos - you'll  need to be a GOOD photographer

Exceptional Personal Services...

What I Provide

With a natural talent for capturing the unexpected, I am able to let my photography create a story with my art. When I started out with my freelance services in April 2016. The majority of work I undertook was content creation and this was for web design applications, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. I have long since then expanded my visual storytelling as my experience has grown, along with the quality of the equipment I use.

I am very confident when working with people and I have a passion for capturing unique moments with a signature style. I love using natural lighting, colour and space to produce balanced compositions, elevating what is presumed as ordinary and creating something that is very much - anything but ordinary.

So if your special day needs poignant and profound moments captured with a creative twist or new or updated content for a web design or media based project then I am able to offer the following exceptional personal services; 

High-Resolution Content creation - I can add value to Web Services and all other relevant media/sales platforms. Applications that demand high quality effective images and video in order to get brand messaging across or to showcase products or talents. I am able to produce this content to a very high standard using a combination of best practice and the latest technologies.

My areas of commercial activity include:

  • High-Resolution Product Photography

  • Photo Editing, Colour Correction and Retouching

  • Photo Metadata to SEO Best Practices

  • Product Lifestyle Photography

  • Golf Photography

  • Commercial Real Estate photography

  • Farm & Rural Business Photography

  • Wedding Photography - My Artistic Reproduction of a VERY Special Day

  • Food Photography

  • Food Production Photography

Driving to the 9th - Tommy Tavola by JWUK June 22
Tommy Tavola driving to the 9th hole at Lewes Golf Club, Lewes, East Sussex.

My Photography

This is a small selection of my creative photography & short story video to showcase my  photos and images across various genres

Wedding pose with James, Rowan and pup beside their Volkswagen Beatle wedding car.
Children exploring and playing on the shoreline in the summer sun by JonnyWattUK
Sunset upat Lewes Golf Club in the South Downs National Park, East Sussex
Homemade Icecream and waffle served by Southdowns Pantry at the Swan Inn, Falmer, East Sussex

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A young boy exploring puddles on the Ashdown Forest in the golden autumnal light
Images of a work party helping to maintain community space at the Uckfield Millennium Green in East Sussex
A proud Father escorts the bride on her wedding day
A John Deere 6215R Tracktor hard at work in the fading light
Autumn Colours and reflections at Sheffield Park Gardens in East Sussex
Sustainable Fashion Sunglasses
Homemade Strawberry Cheesecake
Daffodils basking in the early Spring sunshine
A John Deere 7R Tacktor bailing big square bales with a Claas Quadrant baler in the summer sunshine
Moody skies above the Ashdown Forest in East Sussex
Sunset at Blackfriars Bridge over the river Thames in London
A happy young boy sitting on an old tractor wholding a sunflower
Lewes castle rising up into the blue skies in Lewes, East Sussex.
Mark Arno MD at Carvills Furnishings in Uckfield , East Sussex
A model waring sustaianble fashion sunglasses with polarised blue lens.
A Case Axial Flow combine harvester hard at work harvest wheat during the summertime
A beautiful wedding bouquet
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